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MassRobotics is home to dozens of individual companies with robotic and supporting technology ranging from agriculture, underwater, drones, medical and consumer, to  DoD-centric and first responder projects.  Companies in our space are from around the country and around the world, working to advance their technologies.

Resources and benefits we provide to our residents include:

  • Use of collaborative robots, telepresence robots, AMRs, robotics arms, conveyor belts and other platforms
  • Unlimited use of shared equipment to include 3D printers, oscilloscopes, soldering, mechanical tools and more
  • Sample and discounted hardware and components from our partners
  • Free software for select partner packages including analysis tools, CAD and cloud
  • Marketing promotion as needed through media channels
  • Discount and complimentary entrance to robotics events as well as speaker consideration
  • Mentor support in engineering, marketing, manufacturing, legal and fundraising
  • Introductions to visiting parties including foreign delegations

Resident Startups


Activ Surgical is a digital surgery innovator, with patent issued and FDA clearance for ActivSight Intraoperative Imaging Module for enhanced surgical visualization.  They are building hardware-agnostic surgical software that allows minimally invasive surgical systems to autonomously collaborate with surgeons.  Visit their website.


AirShare designs and manufactures systems to detect, track, and mitigate threats from wayward and malicious drones. AirShare’s OVERWATCH® Interceptor-UX is a lightweight, 3d-printed guided missile which disperses a non-lethal cloud of propeller-fouling countermeasures to safely remove threats from small drones in urban areas and conflict zones. AirShare has received over $1M in contracts for its Interceptor-UX missiles from the Canadian Special Forces.
Visit their website.

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology logo

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology is Austria’s largest applied research institute. The Center for Vision, Automation & Control (VAC) at the AIT provides the industry with research, technology and innovations in assistive and autonomous systems (e.g., autonomous tramways, autonomous construction machinery), AI-enabled process control (e.g., metal and plastics industry), adaptive mechatronic components (e.g., drive systems), and high-performance (speed and resolution) inspection and quality control systems (e.g., security documents, glossy and dark surfaces).
Visit their website.

Ascend Robotics

Smart collaborative robots, AI and perception for safe part handling and precision kitting.
Visit their website.

Aura Intelligent Systems

Aura is building an all digital mmWave imaging radar for emerging mobility applications. Aura’s patented software defined radar delivers high-resolution 5D location and imagery for drone detection and tracking, Smart traffic management, and autonomous vehicles.
Visit their website.


Autonodyne LLC designs and builds systems to enable autonomous flight for both civil and defense applications, specializing in control stations, mission computers, autonomy software and augmented reality for airborne operations.
Visit their website.

Ava Robotics

Ava Robotics is a robotics technology company that designs and builds intelligent robots for the workplace. Delivering on a vision of robots working with and for people, Ava’s technology emphasizes user experience, safety and autonomous mobility to empower people, while advancing business operations and access.
Visit their website.

Beneficial Machines

Building a home robot to help seniors stay healthy and live longer independently in their home.
Visit their website.

BIR Tech

BIR Tech focuses on innovation, and services robots. They provide disinfectant robots and service robots to offices, and restaurants.
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Black-i Environmental 

Black-i Environmental partners with professional cleaning companies and facility managers to deploy powerful, autonomous robots that have proved themselves worldwide in successfully sterilizing offices, hospitals, schools, distribution centers, stores, gyms and other indoor space in the country’s fight against the coronavirus. The company’s two models — hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and ultraviolet light (UV-C) — are available 24×7, never get sick, and pay for themselves in a matter of months, sometimes weeks.
Visit their website.

Black-i Robotics 

Black-i Robotics specializes in designing, developing and manufacturing unmanned ground vehicles and related robotics arms and attachments. They are diversifying applications of their technology into mobile logistics, tech-construction, precision agriculture, and high-value perimeter security.
Visit their website.


Bobbin Embedded

Building an open source Rust ecosystem to make embedded development safer and more productive.
Visit their website.

Botanisol Analytics

Botanisol Analytics makes autonomous disease screeners for national security customers.
Visit their website.



Cleo Robotics is building the world’s first indoor friendly drone for applications such as law enforcement, surveying, security, and warehousing. Current drones are not suitable for indoor operation because they’re large and dangerous. Cleo solved these problems with their proprietary technology that allowed them to create a new type of drone that is much safer, more compact, and more power efficient.
Visit their website.



Collabots provides robotics consulting, training and speaking services. The mission of Collabots is to enable the success of social robots through collaboration. Helping schools find cost effective STEAM solutions, providing professional development for deployed products and advocating the awareness of robotics to the general public are just some of the services Collabots offers.
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COR-Platform facilitates an immersive experience in a collaborative virtual environment by combining physical robots with remote SEL (Social Emotional Learning) and STEM-based instruction. It combines real-world robotic platforms and collaborative problem-solving through online workshop experiences.
Visit their website.

Dive Technologies

Dive Technologies has one goal: to produce the most reliable Autonomous Underwater Vehicles in the world’s oceans at a disruptive price point. Best in class reliability will enable safe and successful access into the depths of the unknown.
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Flexxbotics provides Bluetooth mesh networked embedded systems into Universal Robot work cells to help analyze data and deliver digital workflows to allow any skill level operator the ability to setup/configure robotic work cells. We also provide robot productivity tools that help users deploy/redeploy robots to help increase robot utilization.
Visit their website.


FringeAI provides AI and IoT powered inspection solutions to factories. They are focused on applications that are difficult for computer vision systems and hire manual visual inspection. They offer configuration and subscription services.
Visit their website.

German Bionic

German Bionic is a leading developer and manufacturer of Active Exoskeletons. The Cray X provides both powered lifting and walking support while being fully connected providing real-time analytics to support Industry 4.0.
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Greensight is a dynamic, funded startup developing fully automated drone systems and a wide variety of related hardware and software. They offer commercial drone-based services of golf courses, vineyards, and other commercial customers. They also develop highly advanced technical solutions built around autonomous vehicles and AI software for both commercial and US government customers.
Visit their website.

Hathaway Robotics

We utilize 3D printing technology to build a variety of modular heavy-duty UGVs and AMRs. Our main areas of focus are the manufacturing industry and warehouse automation. Hathaway’s AI division provides software packages to convert existing UGVs to AMRs.
Visit their website.

Haystack Ag logo

Haystack Ag

Haystack Ag develops cost-effective and highly accurate soil carbon measurement solutions for growers and carbon markets. Their automated and scalable service offering helps drive regenerative farming practices that hold huge potential to build soil health, sequester carbon, and reward growers for ecosystem services.
Visit their website.


HyperVend offers a revolutionary retail sales automation solution that helps companies compete in today’s digital economy. Using our innovative thermal technology and sleek design, retailers will increase their revenues and boost customer loyalty with every interaction. A HyperVend unit can be used to automate the sale of perishables foods, restaurant take out orders and fresh flowers from the point of purchase to the final delivery location.
Visit their website.


InnovaSea Systems is dedicated to supporting open-ocean aquaculture businesses by producing innovative, environmentally-focused sustainable technologies and service solutions for the industry.
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InOrbit provides a platform for robot operations (RobOps), enabling companies to improve the efficiency of their fleet while focusing on their unique differentiators. Their mission is to maximize the potential of every robot.
Visit their website.

Institute for Experiential Robotics Northeastern University

The Institute for Experiential Robotics focuses on the development of robots able to learn and adaptively execute autonomous behaviors from human partners and/or other robots. Experiential robotics identifies and studies use-driven research problems at the intersection of collective human-robot experience.
Visit their website.

International Fabric Machines

International Fabric Machines is an advanced fiber and fabric company specializing in development of fibers and fabrics with semiconductors, chips, emitters. and receivers. Our goal is to develop and enable fabric computing.

Klondike Robotics

Klondike Robotics takes care of unwanted and dangerous tasks for consumers and small businesses, starting with snow removal. With the SafeSnow Bot, you never need to clear snow from your driveways and walkways, ever again!
Visit their website.

Kraken Robotics

Kraken Robotics US Inc is a marine technology company engaged in the design, development and marketing of advanced sensors, software and underwater robotics for unmanned maritime vehicles used in military and commercial applications.
Visit their website.

Maglev Aero

Maglev Aero is quietly building the future of Urban Air Mobility.
Visit their website.

Mapless AI

Mapless AI conducts research in applied artificial intelligence and autonomous system safety.
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We deploy sensors within the operating room to create a quantitative picture that describes how a surgery is performed in real time. Data is used to help administrators cut cost, manage their supply chain, reduce surgical-team workload, and increase patient safety.
Visit their website.

MVP Robotics

MVP Robotics is providing Robotics Innovation for Sports and Tactical Training: from the football field to the battlefield, MVP is dedicated to creating robotic solutions that enhance training and performance in a more realistic and safer way.
Visit their website.


NeXtera Robotics was created by a team of MIT engineers and is innovating construction through robotics and automation solutions. NeXtera provides robots for construction site as-built laser scanning, floor layout painting, as well as floor and walls prefab mini-factories that can be deployed on a construction site.
Visit their website.


Open Source Robotics Foundation

Open Source Robotics Foundation, Inc. (OSRF) mission is to support the development, distribution and adoption of open source software for use in robotics research, education and product development
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Guided by the principal that interior space, particularly in high-density urban innovation centers around the world, has become too expensive to be static and unresponsive, Ori’s breakthrough innovation, technology and design create dynamic environments that act and feel as though they are substantially larger.
Visit their website.

Pison Technology

Pison Technology creates transformational human-computer interaction to expand the horizon of human capabilities – the World’s First Ultra-sensitive and Wearable Biopotential Sensor
Visit their website.

Ras Labs

Add a sense of Touch to your Robot!  Ras Labs’ Tactile Finger Tip™ Sensor.  Ras Labs has combined material science innovation with data science and precision engineering to provide the first, state-of-art, tactile sensor for robotics fingers.
Visit their website.


RealBotics is building a telerobotics software platform to connect devices and machines through the Internet for remote control. A few use cases of the RealBotics platform include: remote troubleshooting of manufacturing equipment, remote hands-on training and education, and remote interactive product demos.
Visit their website.


Realtime Robotics

Our processors enable micro-second level real-time robotic motion planning and risk-aware autonomous driving.
Visit their website.

Scalable Robotics

Scalable Robotics provides software on top of COTS hardware to provide a robotic agnostic front end for point and click programming of continuous processes, such as arc welding or painting, for industrial robots.
Visit their website.


SICDRONE offers military and commercial customers a first-of-its-kind aerostructure in a commercially available Group 2 UAS multicopter platform.  The aircraft is capable of carrying a wide range of 5lb to 15lb payloads while also exceeding 100mph unladen.  The flight control software is designed to allow for multiple options to security teams and during commercial operations, including protecting the aircraft against jamming and a passive self-stabilizing thrusting sequence.
Visit their website.

Southie Autonomy

Southie Autonomy is enabling a new paradigm in human-robot interaction with it’s ‘no-code’ software interface.  Repetitive, yet variable tasks in manufacturing are now cost-effective to automate because any user can set-up and start a new task in minutes using simple gestures; the robot figures out how to execute the task. Southie’s software works with any industrial robot and uses AI and AR to add flexibility to kitting and other material handling tasks.
Visit their website.

Spiral Solutions

Spiral Solutions is a Techstars Air Force Alumni delivering an Augmented Reality (AR) platform for the manufacturing and maintenance in Aerospace and Medical Industries.
Visit their website.

Square Robot
Square Robot builds systems for submerged oil and gas inspections. Traditional inspections can be greatly improved by modern robotics. Autonomous systems allow for accuracy and repeatability. Square Robot designs with safety from the ground up. We build rugged machines capable of operating in the harshest of environments. Uptime is vital – which is why the systems are built from stable, proven modules which have been honed over years of experience. Square Robot is a Boston based company founded by 3 robotics industry veterans with decades of experience in developing autonomous solutions and products.
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TargetArm produces Tular, a universal drone launch and recovery system from any moving platform, both rotary wing and fixed wing, at up to 65 MPH, for commercial and military applications.
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Tennibot is the World’s first robotic tennis ball collector. Tennibot perfectly integrates computer vision and artificial intelligence to save tennis players, coaches & clubs a lot of wasted time & effort.
Visit their website.


ThayerMahan Provides modern tools and expertise for monitoring the physical and environmental security of the world’s oceans. Marine Robotics, Maritime Security, Acoustic Engineering.
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TruPhysics was founded in Stuttgart, Germany in 2015 with the vision to enable robots to understand our world and to support mankind in their daily operations both in private as well as business environments. TruPhysics develops and provides an AI full-stack platform for smart general purpose robotic solutions to solve tasks by handling known and unknown objects in an uncertain environment with intelligent algorithms.
Visit their website.

Thinking Robots

We provide custom software solutions for robotic tasks on any robotic platform with standardized interfaces to sensors and actuators. Others make robots, we make robots smart.
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Tutor Intelligence is bringing next-level autonomy to robot arms, democratizing pick & place automation for warehousing and beyond.
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Ubiros Inc makes robotic soft grippers for primarily food/beverage organizations. Their gripper Gentle is the first fully electrically actuated gripper in the market and receiving a lot of attention from users and integrators alike.
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We, at until, are farmers, tinkerers, salad obsessives, and problem solvers who like to get our hands dirty. We’re making fresh food more accessible with our patented, autonomous vertical farming equipment, bringing a simple, equitable, and better for the plant farming process. It’s next-level farming for next-level flavor.
Visit their website.


URBX is a third-party logistics company that specializes in highly flexible order fulfillment and last mile delivery for e-commerce business.
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Waypoint Robotics 

Waypoint Robotics develops and manufactures fully autonomous mobile robots for material transport that are easy to use, industrial-strength, and designed to be setup and used by the workforce that is on the job today. Vector™, MAV3K™, and supporting Waypoint products can be put to work immediately, adding to workers’ capabilities, increasing their efficiency, and strengthening their companies.
Visit their website.


WiBotic provides wireless charging and power optimization solutions that are integral to charging the rapidly growing ecosystem of aerial, mobile, marine and industrial robots.
Visit their website.


Xnergy builds universal wireless chargers and provides charging related services to robot users.
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