MassRobotics Facility and Equipment

MassRobotics provides a shared workspace including facility and equipments for robotics startups and welcomes new robotics and AI startups to join us, grow and bring world-class technologies to the market.

The facility includes a shared kitchen, conference rooms, event space, prototyping equipment and labs and many robotic resources.

MassRobotics facility

Our kitchen provides an area for like minded innovators to gather over coffee or lunch and is stocked with snacks and coffee. Other amenities include WiFi, printers and mail stop.

Look Inside the Space


We have a wide variety of robots available for residents to use and develop with for their products. Robot types include:

  • Collaborative robot arms
  • Industrial robot arms
  • AMRs
  • Mobile Manipulators/Humanoids


In addition to all the robot platforms we offer all the sensors necessary for your robot to perceive the world.

End Effectors and Robot Accessories

To complement our robot fleet we have a selection of end effectors for residents to use.


12 Channel Street, Boston, MA 02210

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