Summer Drone Academy

Drone Academy 

  • This summer program is designed alongside Stefanie Tellex, Amazon Robotics and Duckietown in order to teach students the basics of robotics through creation of their own quadcopter drone.

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Students learn about the electronic components of the drone, flight mechanics and electrical assembly skills before soldering together their very own drone.


In the world of robotics, learning to navigate a computer through a terminal is a crucial skill. Before the drones take flight students must interface with the onboard computer to calibrate their drone – all through a Linux terminal.


The most rewarding part of the entire program is watching these drones go from a box of parts to a fully functioning drone. The last day is spent with drones in the air.

drone academy FAQs

How do I sign up?

Currently we are working directly with community partners while the program and hardware is refined.


12 Channel Street, Boston, MA 02210

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