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Cohort1, 2024

Apparel Robotics

Apparel Robotics Corporation is a Boston-based robotics and advanced manufacturing startup. Founded in 2022 in order to transform apparel manufacturing, allowing anyone to produce clothing locally, more sustainably, and on-demand.

brd BOT

Brd BOT is building a robotic vending machine for fresh fried foods. The machine reduces labor costs from 30% to 3.75% by eliminating all human labor from the ordering and cooking process.

Gopher Motion

Gopher excels in last-mile delivery for sub-5- pound items, spanning small groceries, takeout, and consumer goods. Gopher’s core technology is an AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) which integrates ODOA/local mapping sensors, GPS, cellular comms.

Hominid X

Hominid X helps people with hand disabilities stay healthy and active by designing grasping products that allow them to independently complete daily care tasks and the hobbies they love. Hominid X has created the first truly practical, functional, and economical assistive tool for hands. It fits on any hand without any customization and provides a secure and automatic hold on almost any object.

Mapless AI

Mapless AI is building the first vehicle remote control solution that supports driverless operation on public roads. Their safe tele-driving solutions bring applications like instant car delivery, chauffeur-on-demand, and painless EV charging to partner fleets.


Oligo redefines space and terrestrial industries through modular reconfigurable technology. Founded out of MIT, their universal interface block addresses the need for versatile, reconfigurable systems and serves as the key to truly modular robotics to chart new territories on the Moon and in orbit.

Robotics 88

Robotics 88 is building an autonomous drone to empower land managers to conduct larger and faster prescribed burns without compromising safety. Their decision-making drone is able to navigate the cluttered subcanopy environment to provide critical fire behavior prediction data for burn planning and evaluation.


rStream is solving waste collection. rStream is developing end-to-end, robotic solutions for waste collection at high-traffic locations. Their solution captures the material that is lost upstream of processing facilities during collection, streamlines waste processing operations, and aggregates environmental compliance data.

SIMPL Automation

SIMPL Automation, a pioneering warehousing automation startup, tackles the primary industry challenges of space and labor. At the forefront of their offerings is SIMPL Store, an innovative Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS).

Yard Robotics

Yard Robotics is transforming outdoor labor with their autonomous, electric platform, primarily focused on lawn mowing. Yard Robotics has developed a fleet of robots equipped with custom hardware and software to automate the repetitive tasks associated with outdoor labor.


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