MassRobotics has collaborated with partner Mitsubishi Electric for more than a year to help support MELCO’s vision for the Factory of the Future and to help identify startups to fill their portfolio gaps. This collaboration resulted in the Mitsubishi Electric Startup Engagement Program which kicked off with an event at MassRobotics last week. The event was attended by a large contingent from the many divisions within Mitsubishi Electric, as well as the robotic and AI innovation ecosystem.

Through the Startup Engagement Program, Mitsubishi Electric is looking to develop Proof of Concepts (PoCs) and potential investment opportunities, similar to the relationship they have with Realtime Robotics, a MassRobotics startup alum. Mitsubishi Electric is seeking start-up companies that will find creative solutions and innovative technology to enhance its Factory Automation portfolio. The timeline for this program is shown below and the application link is here.

A few companies will be selected to represent the Top-10 for an unique opportunity to present and demonstrate the successful POCs to Mitsubishi Electric executive management before the end of 2020.

Photos from the event below. More information on our partnership with Mitsubishi Electric can be found on their web site here.