We host opportunities to highlight and advance robotic technologies.

MassRobotics Opportunities: We help industry, startups, and academia gain knowledge by connecting them to solve challenges and highlight achievements in the field of robotics.  We currently have custom challenges underway, grants to work specifically with manufacturers.


AMD Robotics Innovation Challenge

 Participants are invited to explore the benefits and advantages of AMD Kria SOMs to create solutions that seamlessly integrate adaptive computing into their robotics projects. Companies with existing solutions that welcome customization and optimization through the use of software and hardware re-programmability and acceleration are encouraged to apply.

The Healthcare Robotics Startup Catalyst

The Healthcare Robotics Startup Catalyst is a program presented by MassRobotics, FESTO, Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Novanta, and MITRE. Its aim is to support early-stage healthcare robotics startups by providing guidance, connections, and resources to help them grow and succeed. 

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Mitsubishi Startup Engagement Program

Through the Startup Engagement Program, MassRobotics helped Mitsubishi Electric find and develop Proof of Concepts (PoCs) and potential investment opportunities. Mitsubishi Electric sought startup companies that found creative solutions and innovative technology to enhance their Factory Automation portfolio. They continue to work with startups that represent unique opportunities and successful PoCs that can be presented and demonstrated to Mitsubishi Electric executive management.

Past challenges include:

Form & Function Robotics Challenge

Presented by MassRobotics, Lattice SemiconductorOnshapeNano DimensionFestoNovantaDanfoss and ADI (Analog Devices).

MassRobotics announces the Form and Function Robotics Challenge with a grand prize of $25,000, along with $5,000 prizes for second and third place and a $5,000 Audience Choice award. This challenge calls for university teams or individuals associated with universities to create a robotics or automation project that delivers a compelling form factor specific to its tasks while accomplishing a useful function. The challenge is open to participants from around the globe, and encourages cross-collaboration between state-of-the-art software and hardware providers including MassRobotics strategic partners.

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AWS Robotics Startup Accelerator

The AWS Robotics Startup Accelerator delivered by MassRobotics is a four-week technical, business and mentorship accelerator opportunity open to robotics startups from around the globe. The program will provide resources to a select cohort of startups seeking to use AWS to help them solve their robotics development, deployment and management challenges.

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GM Gripper Challenge

GM Gripper Challenge sought startups, academia and integrators to develop a proof-of-concept universal end effector capable of grasping and holding a variety of sheet metal components for purposes of precise robotic assembly.

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Analog Devices Real Time Sensor Fusion Challenge

Analog Devices Real Time Sensor Fusion Challenge brought together several partners to participate in looking for innovation teams and startups to demonstrate enhanced real-time context awareness (using two or more sensors) in automation (factory or building), mobility (ground or air vehicles), healthcare and an open category (other kinds of sensor fusion Cyber-Physical Systems).

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Panasonic Prototype 3D LiDAR Challenge

Panasonic Prototype 3D LiDAR Challenge provided the opportunity for Panasonic to find unique use cases for their new sensor. University teams provided cases including:  point cloud for interaction with robot arms, mobile robotics, combination sensor object detection systems, object scanning, security systems and autonomous vehicle systems.

Opportunity FAQs

How can my company run a challenge with MassRobotics?

To run a challenge with MassRobotics you must be at the Enhanced Partnership Program level. Our team works with you to ensure your objectives and outcomes will be met.

Is there a fee run a challenge? 

The cost of the challenge is included in the Enhanced Partnership Program annual fee unless you want to add an additional cash prize to the winners.

What is the length of a challenge?

This depends on the type of challenge and can be anywhere from 4-6 weeks (more intense and focused) to 4-6 months (academic semester).  It is also determined by the purpose and objectives of the challenge.

Who develops the challenge and its objectives?

Many of our partners look for ways to engage with our startup residents, academia, other corporate entities, and the robotics ecosystem. Challenges are a great way to get exposure for their products, gain insight about how academia and robotics companies might use products, and find innovative solutions to their challenges.  We work directly with our partners to customize challenges based on partners’ and industry needs.


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