Manufacturing is a large part of the robotics ecosystem. 

We connect our robotics startups to manufacturers that can help them produce and scale their products. We host specialized events around design for manufacturing about working with contract manufacturers and understanding the needs of the manufacturing community as potential partners and customers for our startups.

At the same time, the use of robotics within the manufacturing sector is gaining traction and MassRobotics is supporting this growth. Factory robots have been used for some time, but new robotic solutions are more flexible, smarter, autonomous and can function to a greater degree without human intervention. We are involved in a number of programs in this area.

Factory robots have been used for some time but new robotics solutions are more flexible, smarter, scalable, autonomous, for collaborative robots and can function to a greater degree without human intervention.

We are involved in a number of programs in this area including:

Mert 2.0

MassRobotics as part of the U.S. Economic Development Administration’s MERT 2.0 grant. The purpose of the MERT 2.0 is help companies that have had their manufacturing capabilities impacted by the pandemic to retain jobs while maintaining the resiliency of the regional economy.  MassRobotics’ role in the grant is to educate small- and medium-sized manufacturers about the latest in robotics and discuss their goals for automation that may provide continued competitive advantage of producing in the U.S. We will review companies’ current operations and provide feedback relating to automation and efficiency. Through this effort we can provide funding for consultation by experts requested by the company, concept development and ROI studies. Topics normally covered in the consultations include:

• Manufacturing Processes: Current machine adding automation
• Data Collection Preparation and Programing
• Quality Controls/Assurance Testing/Inspection
• Set-Up Reduction or Automation
• Additive Manufacturing
• Repetitive Materials Handling
• Using your current automation more effectively


 Massachusetts’ MMAP program aims to help small- to medium-sized manufacturers prepare their businesses to meet the demands of Industry 4.0 and the manufacturing of new technologies and innovations that align with key industries in the Commonwealth. MMAP provides grant funding which can be used to offset capital expenditures under GAAP. MassRobotics can partner with companies interested in adding robotics and automation. We can help guide them through the application process.


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