What is a
Resident Startup?

What’s the difference between startup and a MassRobotics resident startup?

Here at MassRobotics, resident startups become much more than just a logo on our wall.  When a startup joins the MassRobotics ecosystem, they become a part of something much bigger. They become a MassRobotics resident startup, a truly connected member of the robotics & AI community of industry experts, focused peer groups, and like minded entrepreneurs.

Who are our resident startups?

Our resident startups are entrepreneurs and innovators from around the globe with a focus on robotics, AI and connected devices. They are at various stages, from concept and design to prototyping, testing, scaling, and manufacturing.

We are proud of the achievements of our residents and happy to have contributed to their journey and success.

Connections to the community

Our community is the number one reason companies want to become a part of MassRobotics.  We help bridge the gap and connect our startups to potential customers and investors, offering facilities and platforms to showcase their technology.  The community is made up of VCs, mentors, seasoned robotics professionals and startups coming out of stealth mode.  We host focused office hours and facilitate introductions.  Many of the startups who have expanded to their own facilities, remain residents to take advantage of our community and connections

How do we support our residents?

We provide our residents with the resources they need to become successful.

Our unique, custom-built shared space in Boston allows for flexibility and growth. Startups can start with an open shared seat with the ability to expand to a lab space or private office whenever needed. All resident startups have access to a variety of conference rooms, an event space as well as a shared kitchen. The innovative space is perfect for hosting board meetings, investor presentations, team meetings and candidate interviews.

Our residents have unlimited access to our prototyping electronics and mechanical labs, as well as our specialized Human Robot Interaction Lab and Industrial Automation Lab.  We provide several hardware robotic resources including collaborative arms, grippers, autonomous mobile robots, and a food-safe conveyor.  Additionally, our resident startups are offered complimentary software CAD licenses and credits for cloud services. A full listing of benefits can be found here.

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Join startup challenges and programs

We offer several custom challenges developed to meet the needs of industry and host focused events to connect startups to potential customers

Startup residents can engage with industry during focused events, networking sessions, and challenges to showcase their technologies and solutions.


Do I need to live in Massachusetts or be a US citizen for my company to become a part of MassRobotics?

No. We host companies from all over the US, Canada and the entire globe. In fact, some international companies looking to expand to the US will start with an open seat at MassRobotics. For many local companies starting out, MassRobotics serves as the first official business location.

Is there a large annual membership fee? 

There is no annual or membership fee to join MassRobotics. Our residents join on a monthly basis.

Monthly fee depends on the option you chose and the number of employees on site. We have the affordable and flexible entry level of an open seat option which establishes a presence in our Boston location and full access to all resident benefits. We also offer dedicated lab benches and private offices; prices vary depending on space size and number of employees onsite. Our resident agreement is flexible and can be changed monthly to accommodate companies as they grow or contract.

What kinds of prototyping equipment do you have?

Our labs house a variety of equipment. In our labs, you will find a CNC milling machine, laser cutter, 3D printers, vacuum form, soldering, oscilloscopes, hand tools and much more! Additional details can be found on our facilities page hereThere are no additional fees to use the equipment.

Is there a minimum or maximum time a startup can stay at MassRobotics?

We ask that you stay a minimum of three months. The maximum stay is up to the individual startups. We have room for startups to grow and expand depending on their needs. Some startups grow quickly and need to expand into their own space. We often refer to these companies endearingly as graduates or alumni. 


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