Healthcare Robotics Startup Catalyst

The Healthcare Robotics Startup Catalyst is an established program presented by MassRobotics in collaboration with FESTO, Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Novanta, and MITRE. This program is designed to support healthcare robotics startups by offering comprehensive and valuable mentorship guidance, and essential resources to foster growth and success. 

The program’s focus areas include clinical care, pharmaceutical and hospital automation, laboratory automation, automation of precision and regenerative medicine, point-of-care solutions, rehabilitation, assistive technologies for improved quality of life and continuity of work, and training and support for healthcare professionals.

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Program Benefits and Resources:

  • Mentorship and Guidance: Participants receive expert mentorship from senior-level professionals from the participating companies and introductions to leaders from the robotics ecosystem, depending on their strategic objectives.
  • Resource Access: Startups gain access to loaner components with design and engineering guidance.
  • Networking Opportunities: Introductions to key players in the healthcare robotics space, potential customers, and strategic partners, including pitching opportunities to our VC and investors in our ecosystem.
  • Strategic Medical Guidance: Cohort benefits from the strategic guidance of experienced medical professionals, ensuring their robotics solutions align with real-world healthcare needs, ethical standards, and patient safety considerations.
  • Educational Workshops: Courses on critical topics, such as FDA approval processes, cybersecurity requirements, and other regulatory mandates, tailored to the cohort’s interests and strategic objectives.
  • Showcase Opportunities: Each cohort startup will have the chance to present their solutions at a major robotics event in Boston as well as to the Healthcare Robotics Working Group. These live events provide booth space for product demos and a stage to pitch their solutions to a live audience, offering valuable exposure and networking opportunities.


The program is open to startups with at least a working prototype at Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 6 or above. We welcome startups of all sizes and maturity to apply, ensuring a broad range of entrepreneurs can benefit from the program.

Cohort Information:

Applications for the next cohort are open until November 1, 2024

Cohort 3– 2023

Able Innovations 

Able Innovations is solving the labor-intensive task of lateral patient transfer by developing the ALTA Platform™, a robotic and automated device operated by a single operator.

AiM Medical Robotics 

AiM Medical Robotics provides a unique approach to neurosurgery that couples real-time medical imaging with a compact MRI-compatible surgical robot to account for intraoperative brain shift and ensure that surgeons hit the intended deep brain targets the first time, every time.


Coboix is a pioneering company that specializes in developing AI-powered collaborative medical robot arms for the healthcare industry.

Dopl Technologies 

DOPL Technologies is building a platform for telerobotic procedures to make high quality healthcare accessible to everyone.


Healthic is Latin America’s pioneering sterilization as a service (SaaS) company, revolutionizing the surgical instrument reprocessing industry across the region.

RIF Robotics 

RIF Robotics is building an integrated platform that uses computer vision and off-the-shelf robotics hardware to inspect surgical instruments and assemble surgical trays in hospitals.


For 50m people with difficulty walking after strokes, REEV is making the first smart, patient-centric, motorized knee brace to recover confidence and freedom in daily movements.

Limber Technologies

Limber Technologies is enabling the 40 million Americans with impaired mobility to remain active, healthy and safe. 

Cohort 2 – 2022

Able Human Motion

We are a medical device start-up based in Barcelona with the mission of enabling mobility, for everyone. We design, develop, and commercialize exoskeleton technology to empower people with disabilities, by providing better mobility and increased independence.


Acumino gives robots the skills to do any human task, anywhere. Our technology changes how robots are trained to perform skills using methods that are faster, cheaper, more scalable and more accurate. With the Acumino method, multi-functional robots in homes and hospitals become a near term reality.


Andromeda design and develop assistive companion robots for older adults capable of providing cognitive assistance to assist with the user’s daily routine. The companion robot will enhance well-being, quality of life, and independence by providing service and companionship and assisting daily life. This mainly includes cognitive and social support, mobility support, relaxation, health monitoring, and self-care support through human-robot interaction.

Maestro Surgical

1) patented Single Chip Integrated Motion Control (SCIMC) technology, a breakthrough motion control technology with superior performance in real time-ness, high synchronization, miniaturization, and high response; unlike the traditional motion control relying on x86 architecture and fieldbus protocols, SCIMC uses ARM chipset and Linux; 2) proprietary medical image processing algorithms can rapidly complete segmentation and registration using pre-op CT data and in-op X-ray data. We have fed more than 500 sets for desensitized patient data to our machine learning AI model.

Robot on Rails

This machine will make implementing automation much easier for laboratories. No complicated programming, no extended development cycles, just plug-and-play.

Unlimited Robotics

Unlimited Robotics simplifies the way software developers can build applications on robots, and especially on Gary – its unique service robot designed for healthcare, retailers, nursing homes and hospitality. 

Zeta Surgical

We are developing a real-time stereotactic navigation and robotics system for neurosurgery and neurointervention. The device is based on our proprietary real-time registration backend, which allows the registration to happen with sub-millimeter accuracy in real-time on fully awake, non-immobilized patients, by matching their CT/MRI with a 3D video feed of the their face.

Cohort 1 – 2021

 Assistive Technology Development Inc.

ATDev stands for Assistive Technology Development. Our mission is to develop and commercialize best in class medical devices that shape the future of mobility.


Our team works on the development and commercialization of devices to automate processes in biology and biotechnology, to accelerate research in fields such as genetics, toxicology, development and behavioral biology, and non-clinical studies. Our patented technology was originally created to enable the mechanical sorting of zebrafish eggs.

Eureka Robotics

Eureka Robotics provides software and systems to automate tasks that require simultaneously High Accuracy and High Agility (HA-HA), across industries, from optics, to electronics, to automotive.


Kinarm is a solution to the lack of precision and consistency in neurological assessment. Our Kinarm Labs give neuroscientists and clinician-scientists a “window” on brain function that is both objective and quantitative.


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