Our Semi-Annual Investor Demo Day was held April 29th. Attendees were treated to more than 20 startup demonstrations including getting to ride in a people mover at its first public demonstration, shaking hands with variety of grippers and arms and watching a mini-drone fly. Attendees included investors, partners and members of the robotics community. The Consulate General of Canada sponsored the event and brought several Canadian startups to demo as well. 

Speaking to Ava Robotics on the Telepresence Robot
Watchtower shows off their pipe inspection robot

One of the core values of the MassRobotics organization is to provide resources to the startup residents and robotics community. Networking and meeting the investor community is an invaluable benefit for residents in our space.

Startups participating in the event included: A&K Robotics, AirShare, Ascend Robotics, Autonodyne, Ava Robotics, Bobbin, Cleo Robotics, DOT Product, Manus Robotics, Mawashi Science & Technology, Moveo Walks, NODAR, Ori, RGS Automation, Southie Autonomy, Tennibot, Thinking Robots, UBIROS, Vita Inclinata, Waste Robotics Inc., WatchTower, XYZ Robotics, and 4D Technologies.

We hope to be hosting our next Demo Day in the new expansion space on the second floor. Have a look at this video put together by our architects, Silverman Trykowski Associates, Inc., to help us visualize the new space.