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Our sponsors provide unique resources and thought leadership in their industries’ verticals to help impact startups, support the ecosystem and grow the community in many ways.

MassRobotics sponsors directory includes our founding sponsors and annual sponsors with their descriptions of what they do.

The support of our 11 founding sponsors was critical to kick off our success. We have grown to include sponsors from around the world in the many industries that robotics technology impacts. We also have many social and innovation ecosystem sponsors that make up our vibrant community.

Explore our SPONSORS below.

Massrobotics SPONSORs


Transforming the Electronics Industry with Innovative PCB Design Software.

Amazon Robotics

Are you inspired by invention? Is problem solving through teamwork in your DNA? In Amazon Robotics, we apply advances in robotics and software to solve real-world problems and delight our customers in ways we haven’t even imagined yet.


AMD offers the industry’s broadest portfolio of leadership high-performance and adaptive processor technologies, combining CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs, Adaptive SoCs and deep software expertise to enable leadership computing platforms for cloud, edge and end devices.

Analog Devices

Analog Devices converts real-world phenomena into actionable insight, fundamentally impacting how leading companies will change the future.


Developing technology solutions that improve business and daily life, Arrow guides innovation forward for the world’s leading technology manufacturers and service providers.


Autodesk is a global leader in design and make technology. With expertise across architecture, engineering, construction, design, manufacturing, and entertainment, we help innovators everywhere solve today’s pressing challenges.


BRC partner with like-minded scientists & tech entrepreneurs to democratize innovation and make our world a better place to live and work.


At CIC, you’re part of an innovation community that fuels your impact and frees you to focus on your vision.


Danfoss engineering solutions allow the world to use resources in smarter ways. Driving the sustainable transformation of tomorrow.

Deshpande foundation

The MIT Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation’s mission can be summed up in one word: Impact. Established in 2002—through a generous gift from philanthropists Gururaj “Desh” Deshpande and his wife Jaishree—the center empowers some of MIT’s most talented researchers to make a difference in the world by developing innovative technologies in the lab and bringing them to the marketplace in the form of breakthrough products and new companies.


As a third-generation family-owned company, we are financially independent and socially committed. We therefore think and act sustainably – in generations, not business years. Our values provide guidance for how we shape our company together. They determine how we act and how we treat each other.

Foley Hoag

Foley Hoag is committed to helping our clients achieve their desired results by excelling in the time-honored practices of the legal profession and seizing on new ways to continuously improve our performance and service level. 

Harmonic Drive

Harmonic Drive LLC engineers and manufactures precision servo actuators, gearheads and gear component sets. 


A powerful clean, effortlessly. Leading proprietary innovations

IDA Ireland

Ireland offers easy access to talent in a vibrant ecosystem of established international businesses.

Lattice Semiconductor

Lattice Semiconductor (NASDAQ: LSCC) is the low power programmable leader. We solve customer problems across the network, from the Edge to the Cloud, in the growing communications, computing, industrial, automotive and consumer markets. Our technology, long-standing relationships, and commitment to world-class support lets our customers quickly and easily unleash their innovation to create a smart, secure and connected world.

Locus Robotics

Optimized Productivity. Intelligent Execution. Proven in the world’s most dynamic warehouses. Trusted by the world’s leading brands.

Marketing 101

The B2B communications consultancy delivering essential marketing and public relations services to drive growth for businesses.


MathWorks believe in the importance of engineers and scientists.
They increase human knowledge and profoundly improve our standard of living.


maxon is a developer and manufacturer of brushed and brushless DC motors, as well as gearheads, encoders, controllers, and entire mechatronic systems.


At MITRE, we solve problems for a safer world. Through our federally funded R&D centers and public-private partnerships, we work across government to tackle challenges to the safety, stability, and well-being of our nation.

Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric is one of the world’s leading names in the manufacture and sales of electrical and electronic products and systems used in a broad range of fields and applications.

Mitsubishi Estate

Mitsubishi Estate Company, Limited is one of the largest real-estate developers in Japan and is involved in property management and architecture research and design.


Newmark brings ingenuity to every exchange and transparency to every relationship. 


Novanta is a trusted technology partner to medical and advanced industrial OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), with deep proprietary expertise in photonics, vision and precision motion technologies. We engineer mission-critical core components and subsystems that deliver extreme precision and performance, enabling our customers to improve productivity, achieve breakthrough performance and enhance people’s lives.

A3, The Association for Advancing Automation

The Association for Advancing Automation (A3) is North America’s largest automation trade association involved in robotics, artificial intelligence, machine vision & imaging, motion control & motors and related automation technologies.


SOLIDWORKS® and the 3DEXPERIENCE® Works portfolio unite your entire ecosystem, allowing you to connect the people, applications, and real-time data from every aspect of your business for improved productivity, increased collaboration, and accelerated innovation.

The Robot Report

The Robot Report provides robotics news, research, analysis and investment tracking for engineers, technology, and business professionals.

United Robotics Group

United Robotics Group’s solutions alleviate workforce shortages, increase job attractiveness, and streamline everyday tasks.

Universal Robots

Advanced tools, our easy-to-use robot arms are used by companies and organizations of all sizes to help and address market volatility. UR’s cobot solutions deliver the flexibility and financial return that manufacturers need to compete and win in any market condition.

Vecna Robotics

Vecna Robotics is the autonomous mobile robot (AMR) company that helps distribution, warehousing, and manufacturing organizations streamline their materials handling and logistics operations.


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