In partnership with the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC), MassRobotics is seeking startups to become MassRobotics residents as part of a new partnership between the two organizations created to encourage robotics development for the clean energy field. Integrating the two industries will grow the clean energy innovation ecosystem and further the commercialization of cleantech and water innovation startups. Key clean energy sectors for this program include: solar, wind, hydroelectric, renewable-powered robots and materials discovery.

MassCEC is a state economic development agency accelerating the success of clean energy technologies, companies and projects. MassRobotics, the global hub of robotics, is building its clean energy and robotics program through a grant award under MassCEC’s IncubateMass program.

Massachusetts’ clean energy economy has grown rapidly over the last eight years, contributing more than $13.8 billion to the economy statewide, according to a report published by MassCEC. Renewable energy companies are facing ever-increasing complex tasks and engineering challenges; the application of robots and automation helps save time, increase productivity and optimize performance. Despite the rapid growth, development of more efficient and better managed green power solutions is still in early stages, and often developed by technology startups.

MassRobotics will incubate, accelerate and escalate robotics startups creating innovative solutions for the clean energy industry. Beyond supporting startups, MassRobotics will serve as an educational hub for information around clean energy and robotics, hosting workshops and educating existing partners about the advantages of advances in this space.

For this initiative, MassRobotics is seeking robotics and AI-startups focused on developing new technologies or innovative combinations of existing technologies to significantly reduce or eliminate energy usage in sectors including: energy efficiency; demand response; energy conservation; and sun, wind, water, biomass, alcohol, wood, fuel cells and renewable, non-depletable, recyclable fuels technologies.

Clean technology startups selected and approved by MassCEC will have free access to private bench/lab space in MassRobotics for one year. In addition, startups will have access to all benefits of MassRobotics residency including:

  • Introductions to MassRobotics’ partners, investors, suppliers and distribution channels.
  • Demo opportunities to the venture capital field.
  • Free software from Autodesk, Solidworks, Mathworks, Amazon Web Services and Google.
  • Use of tools and lab equipment including soldering stations, scopes, 3D printers, laser cutter, robotic platforms and industrial arms.
  • Access to stocked kitchen, conference rooms and shared space.

“The cleantech sector is ideal for robotics innovation. We believe disruptive ideas will come from startups committed to solving energy challenges using robots, and we want to provide an environment for them at MassRobotics where they can build their business models, and get access to tools and materials, investors and strategic partners to advance this industry,” said Tom Ryden, executive director, MassRobotics. “This partnership with MassCEC is the beginning of a progressive clean energy future powered by robotics technology in Massachusetts.”

“The intersection of clean energy and robotics presents a terrific opportunity for collaboration in these unique sectors of Massachusetts nation-leading innovation economy,” said MassCEC CEO Stephen Pike. “We are pleased to partner with MassRobotics and provide a platform for new ideas, strategic partnerships, and to support start-up companies at the cutting-edge of this innovative space.”

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