ICRA is the annual flagship conference of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society, held this year from May 13th to 17th, 2024, in Yokohama, Japan.  The event was filled with Plenary Talks, Keynote talks,  Forums, Workshops & Tutorials, Competitions, Awards and Finalists, the Exhibition and more. The exhibition showcased academic research and industries newest commercial robots with a large number of humanoids on display incorporating vision, grasping, manipulation and AI  to perform tasks.

The conference theme, “CONNECT+,” achieved a record attendance of 7,000 individuals, both in-person and online. 

MassRobotics hosted a booth at the event that showcased startups Opteran, Haply Robotics and HatsuMuv Corporation.  All drew great numbers of attendees to the booth and many friends from academia, startups and industry stopped by to say hello and learn about the startups technology.

The ICRA event ended with a robot parade!  

Tech Startup Meetup in Yokohama (5/17/2024)

MassRobotics and Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd.  teamed to offer robotics startup support in Yokohama and Boston.  We held an inaugural event , “Tech Startup Meetup”, at Landmark Tower, that included Yokohama City officials, robotics startups, industry, and investors..  The networking event provided a forum for City officials to launch their demonstration experiment support program for startups with innovative technologies.  The event deepened the exchange between startups and corporations.   In attendance were, Director-General of the Economic Affairs Bureau and Executive Director of Business Innovation Department at the City of Yokohama’s Economic Affairs Bureau. They spoke about their  initiatives for fostering innovation and demonstration support through a program to provide business, mentoring, and field testing support.  Joyce Sidopoulos, MassRobotics Chief of Operations, provided a MassRobotics overview and spoke about ecosystem building.

We held a rapid fire pitchfest that included startups Archelis, UNTRACKED, Opteran, Realtime Robotics, Open Source Robotics Foundation, Kisui Tech, HatsuMuv and FingerVision.  This was followed by a networking reception.  We’re looking forward to additional events in collaboration with Mitsubishi Estate.  We’ll post the November event in our newsletter once we have details.  If you are interested in participating please contact us at info@massrobotics.org

If you are interested in exploring opportunities in Yokohama click here.