Championing the field of robotics around the globe and creating opportunities for the next generation of startups.


Growing a global robotics innovation hub to accelerate the success of entrepreneurs and startups in reaching the next level.


Inspiring future innovators by creating educational events and mentoring opportunities, while spreading awareness of robotics around the world.


Providing access to investors, talent, business tools, and technology services, as well as a broad range of ecosystem partners ready to help.

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What is MassRobotics?

MassRobotics is a nonprofit robotics innovation hub, accelerator and incubator. The result of collaborative work among engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs with a shared vision to create a strong, vibrant robotics ecosystem, MassRobotics is headquartered in Boston and reaching and supporting robotics innovation globally. MassRobotics’ mission is to help create and scale the next generation of successful robotics technology and connected devices companies by providing innovative entrepreneurs and startups with the workspace and resources they need to develop, prototype, test and commercialize their products and solutions. 

Who are MassRobotics resident startups?

MassRobotics is the largest independent nonprofit robotics innovation center. Our resident startups are entrepreneurs and innovators from around the globe with a focus in robotics, AI and connected devices. They are at various stages from concept and design to prototyping, testing, scaling and manufacturing.

Who are MassRobotics partners?

Our partners are from around the world in the many industries that robotics technology impacts. We also have many social and innovation ecosystem partners that make up our vibrant community.

MassRobotics partners provide unique resources and thought leadership in their vertical industries to help impact startups, support the ecosystem and grow the community in many ways.


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