MassRobotics exhibited at AUVSI’s  XPONENTIAL 2024 to highlight several of our resident startups in the drone space and share their technologies. We also hosted a session titled: Emerging Trends in Robotics and Uncrewed Systems.

AUVSI – The Association for Uncrewed Vehicle Systems International is an organization dedicated to the advancement of unmanned systems and robotics, and represents corporations and professionals involved in industry, government and academia that work in the defense, civil and commercial markets.  Key themes for this year’s signature event included: Infrastructure and Operations, Technical Research and Development, Data and Analytics, Cybersecurity, Policy and Regulations.

Tom Ryden, our Executive Director and Peter Haas, Robotics Department Director at MassTech Innovation Institute hosted a session discussing Emerging Trends in Robotics and Uncrewed Systems.  Haas shared some of the technical advancements impacting the industry and the status with the state of Massachusetts in the robotics sector. Ryden shared insights in industries currently employing robotics and those emerging areas of growth, such as environmental and assistive robotics.

The XPO hall featured innovators and businesses from every link in the autonomy supply chain.  Joining us in our booth were:  Revolute Robotics, Opteran, Mesodyne, Rhoman Aerospace, Robotics 88, as well as our collaborator Massachusetts Technology Collaborative. We also shared the space with Rotor who brought their full scale helicopter too 🚁

Revolute Robotics builds inspection and surveillance robots for hard-to-reach areas. Their Hybrid Mobility Robot (HMR) switches between driving and flying to collect data where never before possible with mobile robots, improving upon and creating new applications in industrial inspections, private security, public safety, and defense.

Opteran harnesses algorithms evolved in insect brains to make autonomous machines as robust and efficient as nature. They  call it ‘Natural Intelligence’.  Natural Intelligence reverse engineers the innate structure and function of actual brains. Solving autonomy in the real world and enabling machines to behave like natural creatures.

Mesodyne builds generators that fit in the palm of your hand. Mesodyne’s Light-Cell is completely silent, has no moving parts, operates on most commercial and military fuels, and has up to 10X the energy density of lithium ion batteries. Developed at MIT’s Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies, incubated at Chain Reaction Innovations at Argonne National Lab, and accelerated by the Air Force Techstars, Mesodyne’s patented technology enables new capabilities for small electric UAVs and other unmanned small systems: increased endurance over batteries alone, improved reliability over internal combustion, ease of refueling over fuel cells, and more.

Rhoman Aerospace builds mobile and fixed installation defense sensor fusion and analytics utilizing secure tactical edge AI.

Robotics 88s innovation in autonomous robotic decision-making enables our UAS to navigate the cluttered, unstructured forest environment.  Their autonomous UAS empowers safer and larger prescribed burns through high-resolution subcanopy vegetation mapping for improved fire behavior predictions.

Walking the showroom floor we were able to meet with partners from MITRE and maxon  and spend time with  resident Cleo Robotics 

It was great to also see alumni from  Target Arm Inc.,  Autonodyne LLC and Elistair all continue to grow.