We typically host a monthly resident’s event so that our startups can catch up with each other and share challenges and stories. We also update residents on upcoming events and what is happening in our space. These meetups have been in the form of a breakfast or afternoon social, and it provides an opportunity to meet-and greet one or more of our partners. In these challenging times, many of our residents are working from home and we truly miss our daily interaction with them.

We hosted our first Virtual residents social and invited our partner Cowen to provide an informed set of perspectives around fundraising in this new global and social landscape. This will help our startups prepare for the upcoming bi-annual Demo Day – which will also be Virtual.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused widespread disruption across the global social and economic landscape; as a result, investors across asset classes are grappling with the evolving implications for their approach to new investments and company valuations, management of portfolio companies and the financial markets in which they operate. The Cowen team has continued to remain active and engaged through this tumultuous period and as a result, has an informed set of perspectives on the current landscape, including:
• State of the equity capital markets
• Private and corporate investor sentiments
• Private capital raise and M&A process dynamics
• Perspectives on valuation in the current environment

Thank you to the Cowen team, including Peter Finn, Tim Meyer, Rob Viola and Chris Weekes, for providing their insights and perspectives!

See recording of presentation here: