We kicked off the 2023 Boston Chapter of Women in Robotics with a networking event hosted at MassRobotics. Even though it was the last Monday in February, on the eve before a snowstorm, we still had over 30 women join us in person. Thank you to everyone who participated! We were joined by women in robotics, AI and technical fields from both academia and industry, with a broad range of experience and diverse backgrounds.  

The speaking portion of the event featured some of the female founders at MassRobotics

We heard from Samantha Johnson, founder of Tatum Robotics, Lenore Rasmussen who founded RasLabs and Joyce Sidopoulos who is one of the co-founders of MassRobotics. All three women provided some insight into how or why they started their company, and about their journey there. 

There were lots of great questions and many conversations throughout the evening. One of the goals of the meeting was to hear from the women on what they wanted to achieve by participating in Women in Robotics. The number one goal was to network with other women in the robotics/technical field.  It was a great inaugural meetup and wonderful to see connections being made. We recognize it’s important to encourage women in robotics and to celebrate women’s achievements in the field. Together, we will promote inclusion through events, workshops and networking. The Boston Chapter of Women in Robotics is planning quarterly meetings. Sign up here if you would like to join us. 


Women in Robotics is a global community supporting women who work in robotics and women who are interested in working in robotics, as entrepreneurs, industry and academia. Our activities include local networking events, outreach, education, mentoring and the promotion of positive role models in robotics, both in research, industry, entrepreneurship and just plain fun.

MassRobotics Women and Women in Robotics Boston Chapter have joined to strengthen the robotics, AI and technology-focused female community. By bringing together these communities, we are creating, curating, and developing a powerful network of women in technology and robotics that includes industry leaders, entry-, mid-and senior-level employees and academia. Learn more about our women in robotics initiatives here.