MassRobotics Virtual Demo Days Highlights Resident Startups

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We recently hosted our SIXTH bi-annual Demo Day. Typically, this is an open house style event that gives our startups the opportunity to showcase what they are working on to the Investor Community and our partners in a casual setting. We were expecting to host this event for the first time in our new expansion space which we opened just a couple of months ago. We were looking forward to showing off our Industrial Automation Lab, Human-Robot Interaction Lab and our new event space. Unfortunately, we had to adjust to the times and host the event virtually, in a different format – another first for us!

We hosted 2 Virtual Demo Days highlighting 21 of our resident startups. This webinar style format gave our startups the opportunity to make a more formal presentation to viewers and when the pitch portion of the event was complete, each company hosted chat rooms to give attendees the chance to ask questions and learn more details about the entrepreneurs, their teams, and their technologies.

Day 1, April 27th, featured: TargetArm, Cleo Robotics, RasLabs, RGS Automation, Evergreens, Mente, Flora.Bot, FungAI, Southie Autonomy and Hathaway Robotics

Day 2, April 28th, featured: Pison Technology, Black-I Robotics, Tennibot, Ascend Robotics, XYZ Robotics, RealBotics, Alias Robotics, Aura Intelligent Systems, FringeAI, MVP Robotics and Scalable Robotics

More information about our residents can be found on the Residents page of our website, which also hosts their company web sites.

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