The Impact of Robotics in a Pandemic

Automation and acceleration – these are two primary themes that emerged in a recent conversation about the positive ways the robotics industry is impacting the global pandemic.

MassRobotics invited a group of more than 45 senior executives from global companies like FedEx, Cowen and Company, Mitsubishi, Honeywell, Autodesk, Veolia and swissnex Boston, to discuss existing and new robotics products and solutions that are helping to overcome the challenges that the pandemic has imposed upon all of us.

From xenon lamp sanitization robots, adaptive workplace 3D printed PPE, and smart, connected devices, to intelligent robotic teleporting and accelerated testing and flexible lab automation, this thought-provoking conversation brought out the best of the best in robotics solutions for today’s problems. These pivots show the utility of robotics during this current crisis and help lay out a roadmap to be better prepared for future situations.

The executives below shared their experiences for the best solutions and practices to help effectively use robotics to run operations during a pandemic. To learn more about these innovative robotic solutions, you can access the company sites below.

Morris Miller, CEO – XENEX Disinfection Services
Xenon lamp sanitization robots

Ulysses Gilchrist, COO – HighRes Biosolutions
Accelerated testing and flexible lab automation

Andy Kalambi, President & CEO – Rize
Adaptive workplace 3D printed PPE

Alfons Riek, VP Technology & Innovation + Nuzha Yakoob, Senior Project Manager – Festo: MassRobotics Strategic Partner
Smart, intelligent, connected devices

Youseff Saleh, Founder & CEO – Ava Robotics
Intelligent robotic teleporting

The conversation concluded with an open Q&A focused around barriers for robotic technology adoption and scalability during a pandemic.

You can view the full webinar on our new YouTube page!

This webinar was initiated by Val Livada, MassRobotics advisory board member and Boston Hub, EU’s ENRICH program executive director, as a way to bring the community together that is responding to the issues of the COVID pandemic and discuss strategic ways robotics can help. Major thank you to Val and our strategic partners for your continued support.