Source: Peter Bleday

In our constantly evolving world, many industries are under pressure to adapt and innovate to keep up with the demands of the modern era.

 At the forefront of this transformation is autonomy – the ability for machines to perform certain tasks without human intervention. In recent years, autonomy has emerged as a key trend in sectors like specialty agriculture, animal husbandry and airport ground support equipment, offering a host of benefits that are impossible to ignore. From increased productivity and precision to improved safety, the impact of autonomy on these industries is set to be game-changing.

The time is now for autonomy

 Autonomy is more relevant than ever. It presents a solution to many current global megatrends, including shrinking food supplies, labor shortages, and a younger workforce.

 As our global population grows and food shortages become more common, autonomous solutions can solve the problem. By automating certain tasks in agricultural equipment, food production can be expanded and accelerated without relying on factors such as the availability of skilled workers. Moreover, as extreme climate events exacerbated by climate change makes the future of food supplies increasingly uncertain, autonomous solutions will become even more critical.

 Another prevalent problem autonomy addresses is the labor shortage in almost every industry we serve. Not only is the number of workers in specific sectors decreasing, but trends toward younger workforces mean it is harder to find sufficiently skilled personnel to operate the often complex and dangerous machinery in sectors like animal husbandry and ground support equipment. Autonomy addresses the lack of labor and a skilled workforce by moving the skill and experience an operator would typically have onto the vehicle.

 Clearly, autonomy has benefits beyond increased profitability. This is a common theme for autonomy and why it is so important: its advantages are always two-fold, bringing economic advantages in tandem with commercial benefits.

 Level up with Danfoss autonomy

 At Danfoss, we believe autonomy is the future. We help OEMs to get a head start in the autonomous revolution by accessing the benefits of autonomy today.

 Our complete package of software and engineering services helps OEMs add automated driving functionality to machines. Our preprogrammed and pretested PLUS+1 Autonomy software platform saves substantial development time, allowing for rapid prototyping to get vehicles to market faster. We amplify the productivity of machines and their operators by helping precision perform at a faster and more reliable pace. The outcome is machines that increase safety, productivity, and precision for end users.

 The resulting cost benefits are also substantial. When we automate certain processes, labor can become up to 30% more productive. Moreover, automated tasks reduce the risks of accidents, and thanks to our commitment to safe operation, security and safety for operators is improved.

A team you can rely on

What really sets us apart from other autonomous solutions providers is our Autonomous Custom Engineering Services (ACES) team. The ACES work with OEMs across industries to design and build autonomous and semi-autonomous systems for various off-highway machines. We’re particularly adept at serving the specialty agriculture, airport ground support equipment, and animal husbandry industries.

We know that automating a machine can be a complex process. As a result, OEMs need to build software from scratch – or if they don’t have an in-house engineering team, they buy a company developing autonomous software. Both are costly, time-consuming, and labor-intensive options – moreover, they are not always viable for every OEM.

 At Danfoss Autonomy we want to open up autonomy to all OEMs, no matter their size or stage of development. That is why our ACES teams work with customers from concept to production, supporting full machine development. We minimize the complexity – and cost – of the process of installing autonomous solutions by sharing our knowledge and software programming with our customers.

 We have several strategically located Application Development Centers all over the world that offer our customers expert support and state-of-the-art test facilities. In these collaborative environments, our engineers work with OEMs to develop, test, and refine autonomous solutions, meaning no OEM is left behind.

 A bright future ahead for autonomous solutions

 The autonomous solutions we see today are impressive, but they only represent the beginnings of autonomy’s potential. At Danfoss, we don’t just want to keep up with autonomous trends; we want to be ahead of the curve and ready with solutions to meet all our customers’ current and future needs. Soon, autonomy will advance from being a nice-to-have to becoming an essential core function of machines.

 By embracing autonomy, we can create a brighter future for the industry, the economy, and society as a whole. Let’s seize this opportunity to build a more autonomous, efficient, and sustainable future – level up with Danfoss Autonomy today.

 Are you ready to level up with Danfoss’ autonomous solutions? Contact me or a member of our team to find the right solution to meet your needs.

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