Thanks to our great team, residents and partners, the profiles of both MassRobotics and the region’s robotics industry continues to gain momentum. Last week, our marketing and public relations partner, Mower, won two industry awards for their work promoting our amazing organization and community.

Congratulations Mower!

The team at Mower is a significant contributor to the success of MassRobotics and has been an integral part of our team since the beginning. Their creative staff has provided support from logo design and website development, to setting up and managing social media accounts. Our Twitter and LinkedIn are always fun and engaging, and it’s amazing the number of shares and comments we get every day. They manage our content, press releases and media outreach – we’ve had a tremendous amount of media coverage in print, online and on TV.

They created promotional videos that capture the essence of MassRobotics; these videos are key tools in our growth as we approach additional partners, sponsors, and new residents. Most recently, they helped us celebrate our first anniversary in our space with a video commemorating all we’ve accomplished in a year.

Simply stated, the Mower team is our marketing department. We rely on their recommendations for marketing campaigns, messaging and more. We even asked them to help us figure out what color scheme to paint our office!

We can’t say this any more succinctly: Mower has built our brand, and we can’t thank them enough for their continued support of our mission.