MassRobotics SAAM (Socially Aware Autonomous Mobility) working group celebrated its first anniversary this month during their fourth meeting.  The group hosted three speakers in a Lightning Talk format.  The talks were truly captivating and included: 

  1. A highly respected autonomous vehicle and human interface researcher presenting on AV remote operations research and federal policy perspectives
  2. The policy director from a national cyclist lobby group presenting on published guidelines for autonomous vehicle and cyclist interactions.  
  3. A senior designer at one of the largest Autonomous Vehicle companies presenting on AV/Human interaction designs and crafting the human experience for autonomous vehicles.

The event was attended by 25+ members with the most diverse set of attendees yet:

  • Three public policy representatives, two at the federal and one at the city level 
  • Three of the top robotaxi companies
  • Three of the top automated freight companies
  • A top sidewalk delivery robot company
  • Attendees from seven countries: U.S., Canada, Netherlands, Sweden, UK, France, and Germany

Overall, the fourth SAAM meeting was a great success, providing valuable insights into the interactions between remote operators, cyclists, pedestrians, human drivers and automated vehicles.  

Learn more about SAAM working group here.