Facilities & Resources


A place to collaborate. A place to build. A place to have fun.

To facilitate the next evolution of robotics, our residents need space to build, test, fail, collaborate, and build again until they achieve success. MassRobotics provides space at 12 Channel Street in the heart of Boston’s Seaport Innovation District. We provide private furnished office space, private lab benches and access to prototyping equipment. In addition, there is an open, shared workspace, kitchen, Wi-Fi, conference rooms and event space.


Resources and benefits we provide to our residents include:

  • Use of collaborative robots, telepresence robots, AMRs, robotics arms, conveyor belts and other platforms
  • Unlimited use of shared equipment to include 3D printers, oscilloscopes, soldering, mechanical tools and more
  • Sample and discounted hardware and components from our partners
  • Free software for select partner packages including analysis tools, CAD and cloud
  • Marketing promotion as needed through media channels
  • Discount and complimentary entrance to robotics events as well as speaker consideration
  • Mentor support in engineering, marketing, manufacturing, legal and fundraising
  • Introductions to visiting parties including foreign delegations

We have recently renovated 25,000 square feet of new space, adding to our original 15,000 square feet – for a combined total of 40,000 square feet of available space.  Our space includes an electronics lab,  mechanical workshop, Industrial Automation Lab and a Human-Robot Interaction Lab.


Interested in learning more about our facilities?

If you’d like to visit our space, please register for one of our bi-monthly open tours.
Dates and information to register can be found on our events calendar.
If you are interested in a private or corporate event, please email us at info@massrobotics.org