About Us

Bringing Robotics to Life

MassRobotics is the collective work of a group of Boston-area engineers, rocket scientists, and entrepreneurs. With a shared vision to create an innovation hub and startup cluster focused on the needs of the robotics community, MassRobotics was born.

MassRobotics’ mission is to help create and scale the next generation of successful robotics and connected device companies by providing entrepreneurs and innovative robotics/automation startups with the workspace and resources they need to develop, prototype, test, and commercialize their products and solutions.

In order to create a fertile environment in which visionaries can thrive, MassRobotics:

  • Offers best-in-class infrastructure and prototyping facilities to enable the unfettered development of robotic/automation systems.
  • Promotes cost efficiencies by sharing services such as prototyping and testing space, maintenance support, IT, security, business services, investor introductions, and customer acquisitions.
  • Anticipates needs and roadblocks for entrepreneurs in order to provide the smoothest possible path to growth.
  • Provides innovation and investment back to the high tech community through acquisition opportunities, technology licensing, and facilitated innovation sabbaticals.
  • Develops common-need technology services (i.e. sensors support and standards office) for the MassRobotics community.
  • Inspires the next generation of innovators and builders through in-house, hands-on STEM collaboration and initiatives.

Building Companies. Building Partnerships.

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Our Team

Tom Ryden
Executive Director

Fady Saad
Vice President, Strategic Partnerships

Joyce Sidopoulos
Vice President, Programs & Community

Russell Nickerson
Engagement Liaison/Lab Manager

Khalif Mitchell
STEM Program Manager

Sayo Shingu
Marketing Coordinator

Sherrie S. Stone
Operations Manager

Paul Schmitt
Automated Vehicles Director

Roy Xing
Lab Technician



Tye Brady
Chief Technologist, Amazon Robotics

Steve Paschall
Principal Systems Architect,  Amazon Robotics

Fady Saad
Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, MassRobotics

Joyce Sidopoulos
Vice President, Programs and Community, MassRobotics

Daniel Theobald
Founder & Chief Innovation Officer, Vecna Robotics


Board of Directors

Tye Brady, Chairman
Chief Technologist, Amazon Robotics

Tim Rowe
CEO & Founder, Cambridge Innovation Center
Chairman, Director, Co-Founder, LabCentral
Colin Angle
CEO & Co-Founder, iRobot Corporation

Tom Hopcroft
CEO & President, Mass Technology Leadership Council

Daniela Rus
Director, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) MIT

Daniel Theobald
Founder & Chief Innovation Officer, Vecna Robotics

C.A. Webb
President, Kendall Square Association
Board of Directors, Boston Foundation
Tom Ryden
Executive Director, MassRobotics
Co-Founder and Former COO, VGo Communications