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MassRobotics and its partners work together to enable robotics and related technologies to succeed as an industry. We’re building a community of robotics start-ups, established companies, technology users, component suppliers, developers, investors, academia, and ecosystem supporters. Within this community, there are next-generation robotics hardware and software companies and concepts that will move this industry forward.  We can bring these ideas to life faster and more successfully. Therefore, we create a positive partnership impact with our partners’ support, investment, and engagement for the industry and for the organizations.

MassRobotics was founded based on a shared vision to create an innovation hub to support and focus on the needs of the robotics and startup ecosystem. Additionally, we want our partners and innovative Massachusetts companies to grow in the wide field of robotics together. Every partner brings unique perspectives, offerings, and different business objectives. MassRobotics works together with our partners to provide the most benefit and value for all.

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Together with our partners, we provide information and support to the community with:

✓   Engagement Opportunities
   Branded Challenges
✓   Market Research and Industry Reports
   Targeted Executive Briefings and Events
✓   Product Education and Feedback
   Pitch Sessions and Investment Opportunities For Start-ups
✓   Technology Meetups and Workshops
   Community Presence, Outreach and STEM Programming

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