Dr Tetsuzo Ueda and Tom Ryden

MassRobotics was pleased to team with Panasonic to host a Technology Day on 14 November to highlight current and future research and development efforts. More than 120 people signed up to attend the event where Panasonic gave a sneak peek at a number of new technologies, targeted at robotics, that they will be introducing to the market next year.

Dr Tetsuzo Ueda, Director of the Industrial Business Development Center (IBDC) at Panasonic, kicked off the session describing Panasonic’s focus on Artificial intelligence, sensing, UI/UX in the IoT/Robotics space. He showed the prediction of a future society with machines and humans in “harmonization”. His vision of future technology is one where simultaneous operation through recognition, decision and motion will be required.

  • 3D LiDAR Sensor that provides variable detection settings for wide viewing angles and scanning speeds ideal for autonomous land
  • Autonomous Wheelchair and system capable of stopping automatically with sensor-equipped luggage carts that follow
  • Robotic Vacuum Cleaner home appliance solution combining SCRATCH with AI technology
  • Motion Sensing Unit with automatic balance control
  • Thermal Sensing Device that is a MEMS based thermopile array sensor capable of detecting people, heat radiating objects including position and direction
  • High power Servo Motors for AGVs and a new UAV Motor
  • Compact Motor Drive Inverter with a Panasonic new GaN Power Translator
  • High Power, Fast Charging/Discharging Polymer based Energy Capacitor
  • Thermo Management materials, super thin and highly efficient carbon graphite sheets capable of transferring thermal energy (5X copper) in a z-axis direction

Thanks to Foley Hoag for hosting us in their space!