Students from the National Defense University’s Eisenhower School for National Security and Resource Strategy traveled to Boston to study and visit with members of Boston tech ecosystem.

The students, a mix of senior military officers and senior government civilians from both DoD and other government agencies, are in a 10-month Master’s program, which includes a deep dive into a particular industry. This group’s focus: Robotics and Autonomous Systems.

After visiting several companies during the week, and a day at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, they were hosted at MITRE’s innovation space at MassChallenge to hear from robotics and automation startups. Several of our MassRobotics residents participated, including:

Riptide Autonomous Solutions
Hurdler Motors
Pison Technologies

The group ended their time in Boston with lunch and with a visit to MassRobotics where they discussed innovation, shared workspaces, and collaboration, and also received a presentation from Hydroswarm.

This trip showed Boston’s strong tech diversity in the field of robotics and automation and the students and NDU staff left with new ideas for future military and industry collaboration!