On Monday, July 24th, 2023, MassRobotics welcomed MA Secretary of Education, Dr. Patrick Tutwiler, and members of his team for a tour of our space and to check in on our STEM program.

Secretary Tutwiler learned about MassRobotics goals and impact and after a brief presentation toured the facility.

During the tour he learned about one of our resident startups, Tatum Robotics. He met with their Founder & CEO Samantha Johnson and was able to see their prototype robotic hand which signs in American Sign Language (ASL) and helps the DeafBlind Community communicate. 

The Secretary’s tour then continued at the MassRobotics’ STEM lab which is run by our STEM Program Manager Kevin Smith. The Secretary was able to interact with some of the students that were participating in the BlueTech Robotics Academy, sponsored by our generous partner MITRE. 

He even ran into an academy student from Lynn who remembered him from his time working as the Lynn Public Schools superintendent.  He was also able to interact with some of our robots. 

During his tour, The Secretary listened to our resident startup Tatum, asked engaging questions and was able to interact with students from the Boston area that were participating in this week’s academy. We look forward to working with him and his office and welcoming him back again soon. Stay tuned for more blog posts here.