We hosted a tour of the MassRobotics expansion (opened one year ago) with talks and demos by a dozen of our residents to the investor community and our partners.  This marks the SEVENTH bi-annual Demo Day since our original opening in 2017.  We are looking forward to a time, hopefully soon, where we can host our typical open house style Demo Day in person.

There will be no segment of society anywhere that is left untouched by the changes which the COVID-19 pandemic will leave in its wake. However, there are unprecedented opportunities for companies in the construction of this new world and companies enabling technologies for the roboticised economy.  Robotics, sensors, AVs, AI, drones, and other unmanned systems are positioned to massively benefit. Some of the companies in the demo day have pivoted to address COVID and we saw a smart temperature kiosk and disinfecting robots.

Startups featured include:  ConfiTemp, Waypoint Robotics, MVP Robotics, Cleo Robotics, Maglev Aero, RasLabs, Black-I Environmental, Watertower, Southie Autonomy, FloraBot, Ubiros, and FringeAI.

Worldwide spending on robotics systems and drones is forecasted to reach $128.7 Billion in 2020, according to new IDC Spending Guide.

More information about our residents can be found on the Residents page of our website, which also hosts their company web sites. The recording of this event is made available to our partners and investors – if interested, please email us at info@massrobotics.org with “Demo Day Request” in the subject.

Photos of our tour: