Interns and supervisors from different resident startups all came together on Tuesday, August 8th, to meet and celebrate their time and internships at MassRobotics.  All enjoyed lunch and conversation. Startups hosting summer interns included: Tatum Robotics, Ubiros, Maglev Aero, GreenSight, International Fabric Machines, Andromeda, Phuc Labs, Cleo Robotics, Black-i Robotics, and our partner MITRE brought one of their interns too! 

Students from different high schools and universities had the opportunity to network with each other and  learn about MassRobotics’ mission to help scale robotics technology companies and about the benefits and resources we offer to our resident startups.

Represented schools included Harvard University, Tufts University, Boston University, Northeastern University, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Massachusetts Amherst and Lowell, Auburn University, Purdue University, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Carnegie Mellon, Northwestern University, Cornell University, and some high schools from the Boston area. Student’s majors ranged from Computer Science to Marketing to Aerospace Engineering. 

At the event interns received a MassRobotics T-shirts, and learned about our new social media content around  #WearTheShirt, where we encourage people to wear the MassRobotics shirt at school, on vacation and around the world → send a picture to our Marketing Manager Sayo for a chance to be featured on our social media channels where people can guess where the shirt is worn.  We are working to spread the word around their college campuses.

This was our inaugural intern celebration, a ton of fun, and we look forward to making it an annual tradition!

Stay tuned for our #WearTheShirt posts >>