MassRobotics is excited to announce that it will be expanding its work in clean energy and water space through its partnership with Mass Clean Energy Center (MassCEC). MassRobotics will receive a grant award under MassCEC’s IncubateMass program that will be used to catalyze the formation of robotics and AI start-ups in the clean energy and water sector.
The Massachusetts clean energy economy has continued to grow over the last seven years, growing at a faster pace each year than the overall state economy, according to a recent report published by MassCEC. Clean energy innovation has a big impact on the Massachusetts economy, and MassRobotics is committed to supporting robotics and AI start-ups that are innovating solutions to some of the most complex clean energy and water issues facing our planet.
“We are very excited about this grant and partnership with MassCEC. The partnership would position both of our organizations to lead the interesting intersection between clean energy and robotics, both from robotics applications perspective and from the impact of robots, drones, and autonomous vehicles deployment on our energy systems” said Fady Saad, Co-founder & Director of Partnerships at MassRobotics.
One of the biggest challenges clean energy and water tech startups face is securing funding to scale their solution and take it to market. InnovateMass was specifically designed to address this challenge by providing targeted, strategic support to companies facing the so called “commercialization valley of death,” a widely-recognized funding gap that exists between early-stage start-ups and later-stage start-ups.
As part of the partnership with MassCEC, MassRobotics will host a number of events to elevate awareness on the robotics and clean energy industries and bring exposure to robotics start-ups in the clean energy and water sector.