Representatives from MassRobotics recently attended the 2017 Daegu Global Robot Business Forum in South Korea, to build relationships and participate in a global dialogue about the current robotics landscape. Hosted by City of Daegu, the forum aimed to promote the development of the robotics industry and serve as a platform for top robotics trends related to the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.” Attendance for the two-day event included 300 officials from the robotics industry and 75 companies spanning more than 15 countries.

As part of the event, Daniel Theobald, speaking on behalf of MassRobotics and co-founder and chief innovation officer for Vecna Robotics, presented an education session on, “Incorporating Mobile Robots into Your Supply Chain Strategy.” His presentation focused on these six industry-leading considerations that factor into creating a game-changing, cost-competitive supply chain automation strategy:

1) Design robust supply chain and set metrics that you care about
2) Simulate to reduce risk
3) Prepare staff
4) Value distributed systems
5) Seek optimization
6) Have a robust post-deployment support system.

The presentation was based on a “Six Points for a Winning Supply Chain Automation Strategy” found here.