MA STEM Week 2023 was a fantastic success! MassRobotics partnered with resident startup COR-Platform (CORP) to reach close to 400 students across 19 classes between our visits to Mendell Elementary School, Forestdale School, New Mission High School, John D. Philbrick Elementary School, and Charles Sumner School in the Boston Public School District and the Malden Public School District.

During the MA STEM Week 2023 engagement, the team visited English Learners (ELs) Classrooms, High Needs Classrooms, and general education classrooms. Most students served were in 5-6th grade, except for one high school Computer Science class. The CORP program uniquely allowed for multiple points of entry and access.

 Students signed into Google Slides and used a plug-in created by CORP, where students’ missions included imagining they could drive a robot on another planet. Students needed to code the robot to explore new territories using a block-based language that utilized Python code. During the engagement, students learned how to program robots located miles away from their classroom! Every class thrillingly guessed where the robots were located. Spoiler Alert! Cambridge.

Charles (Chuck) Coughlin, the STEM Teacher at Forestdale School in Malden, noted, “It is great to see students so highly engaged. Look (pointing to a group) these students are usually quiet in class. Look how excited they are! And, they are talking to each other.” It was clear that Social Emotional Learning (SEL) was taking place in this program by the nature of the activities. Overall, the MassRobotics STEM team is ecstatic to have been a part of the statewide effort to bring STEM into the classroom and allow students to see themselves in Spaces and these spaces.

STEM Week Down… Computer Science Week – here we come!

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Thank you to CORP, who helped inspire these students:

COR-Platform (Collaborative Online Robotics Platform) facilitated an immersive experience in a collaborative virtual environment by combining physical robots with remote SEL (Social Emotional Learning) and STEM-based instruction. Their platform combines real-world robotic platforms and collaborative problem-solving through online workshop experiences.