We held a Maritime Robotics Technology & Defense Session on October 19th, to foster dialog between DoD, Navy and maritime organizations, and the robotics tech startup community in Boston. The goal of this in-person and live stream webinar was to expose Navy and maritime organizations, military, and civilians, to robotics, both the technologies deployed today and cutting edge, new emerging technologies. We also aimed to engage Robotics Startups with firsthand awareness of Navy and maritime missions using robotics, current challenges and needs, and opportunities to engage with the appropriate potential customers.

The session kicked off with event sponsor and MassRobotics partner MITRE. Deb Zides shared tips on navigating the Department of Defense ecosystem, walked the audience thru MITRE’s unique vantage points, and explained the MITRE bridging innovation efforts.

Colonel Aneel Alvares discussed the DIU mission: fast-moving, cross-DoD organization focused exclusively on commercial companies to solve national security problems. He shared the elements of the mission including Accelerate DoD adoption of commercial technology, transform military capacity and capabilities, and strengthen the national security innovation base. He also provided maritime examples of maritime autonomy on their way to transitioning into the fleet.

Mr. Brett Vaughn, Navy Chief AI Officer and portfolio manager (SECNAV/OPNAV/ONR) provided discussion around AI strategic design for the US Navy. He provided insight into how they define and describe AI and the Naval AI Stack and the fusion of the interdependent technology layers contained within it.

Presentations from the Boston startup community providing solutions to maritime challenges included: Ascend Robotics,

Autonodyne, Botanisol Analytics, Dive Technologies, GreenSight, Jaia Robotics, Pison Technology, Sea Machines, and ThayerMahan.

The event recording can be viewed here.