Artaic ( ), located in Boston MA, has been producing custom tile mosaics using robots for more than 10 years.

They have developed a computer aided design software to design the mosaics and use their robots to pick and place individual tiles that assemble into the larger squares which are organized, boxed and shipped with installation instructions. Since their first robot, Arty (2009), they have added Arnold, Bertha and Artemis to their collection as they continue to improve their unique process and technology.

Artaic ships their mosaics all over the world! They started in commercial, hospitality settings hotel, restaurants pools, ed and healthcare and are now pushing into the residential market. The robots they have designed are 10 times faster than a human which keeps their solution cost affective. Learn more about their process here.

The team at Artaic, lead by Ted Acworth, Founder and CEO, designed the custom mosaic that is showcased in our MassRobotics entrance. (Hear more about the company here.)

We were able to watch our mosaic being assembled:

Their beautiful donation was recently installed. We look forward to showing it off to visitors.

Thank you to the team at Artaic!!