Highlighting Success of the Massachusetts Robotics Ecosystem

Amazon Robotics sponsored and MassRobotics organized a reception to highlight the Massachusetts robotics ecosystem and innovative technology during the recent Robotics: Science and Systems Conference. On Saturday, July 15th, the Stata Center at MIT had over 20 companies displaying and demoing their products and technology. Attendees saw everything from drones and autonomous vehicles to logistics solutions, arms, grippers and automation, to medical devices and even “Spot,” the Boston Dynamics dog, walked through the Center. And yes, all of this technology is local to our ecosystem!

Companies participating included: Amazon Robotics, Andros Robotics, Ascend Robotics, Ava Robotics, Boston Dynamics, CyPhy Works, Endeavor Robotics, Franklin Robotics, Humatics, iRobot, Locus Robotics, The Mathworks, Myomo, Nvidia, nuTonomy, Optimus Ride, Rethink Robotics, ReWalk, Harvard/Wyss Institute, Righthand Robotics, Soft Robotics and Vecna Technologies.

During this event, it was the first time that ReWalk’s exoskeleton (provides paralyzed patients the ability to walk) and Restore (a soft exo solutions to provide assistance for walking to stroke patients) were demonstrated side by side. ReWalk’s exoskeleton is a commercial product. ReWalk is currently working with the Restore technology, founded at Harvard’s Wyss Institute, to commercialize this product as well.

Thanks for the support from our sponsor for the event: