Collaboration Supports Advancements in Manufacturing Techniques for the Digital Industrial Economy

GE and MassRobotics announced today a partnership to accelerate innovation in the robotics industry. MassRobotics will support GE in attracting and assessing more innovative robotics startups, research projects and corporate engagements for investment, partnership, licensing and acquisition opportunities. GE will partner with MassRobotics to host events and discussions in areas such as advanced manufacturing, 3D printing, connected devices, drones and AI.

“As GE expands its presence in Boston and grows its involvement in the robotics space, this partnership helps to connect our world-class experts and business leaders in this area with Boston’s best and brightest, from new startups to industry partners to those in academia,” said John Lizzi, R&D manager, GE Global Research. “MassRobotics will provide GE with new levels of access to this thriving ecosystem while GE will share technical expertise, domain knowledge and the ability to address the world’s toughest problems.”

The partnership with MassRobotics will further GE’s efforts to establish a Digital Institute at its new corporate headquarters in Boston. GE’s Digital Institute, known as the “GEDI” project, will accelerate the company’s efforts to leverage Boston’s rich digital ecosystem of start-ups, universities, entrepreneurs and others.

“We are thrilled to welcome GE and its team to MassRobotics’ exceptional network of strategic partners and rapidly growing global ecosystem. GE and its unique commitment to MassRobotics is a significant value-add to our startups,” said Fady Saad, MassRobotics cofounder and director of partnerships.

MassRobotics has an extensive network with more than 400 companies, 10 academic institutions and 20 industry-focused associations and organization. The organization drives international outreach and has active engagements with Ireland, UK, China, Singapore, Chile, France, Canada and UAE, and continues to engage with different countries. MassRobotics regular meetups and events attract an average of 150 people affiliated with the robotics industry.