MassRobotics Co-founder and Chief of Operations Joyce Sidopoulos was featured on The Lever Show this week where she highlighted the impact of robotics on various industries, including manufacturing, logistics and healthcare. She emphasizes the potential for automation to create more skilled jobs while implementing technology to support areas where there’s a workforce shortage, and the convergence of AI and robotics.

Joyce advocated for teaching the workforce to adapt to the evolving landscape of technology and robotics. She believes that education should include computer science and hands-on experience, preparing students for roles where they manage multiple robots. The article addresses the importance of involving employees in the integration of robots into the workplace, fostering transparency and empowerment.

Furthermore, Joyce discussed the shift in workforce evaluation from quantity to quality due to the presence of robots and the impact of hybrid and remote work arrangements in fields that interact with robotics. The article concludes with a focus on the significance of STEM education, particularly in underrepresented communities, as robotics serves as an enabling technology across various industries.

See full interview with host Drew Fortin here.