The DARPA Robotics Fast Track event, co-sponsored by MassRobotics, MassTLC and AUVSI, drew well over 100 individuals and companies.


It’s a great time to be in robotics and DARPA is willing to take a risk, with no equity or hooks.  Brief summary:

  • Seeking non-traditional government performers
  • 31 January 2016 Deadline to Apply – white papers – description of concept
    • Easy Application – (can be less than 10

      page description)

    • Receive feedback within 2 weeks of submission
  • $150K cap – subcontract to BitSystems
  • 6-8 months period of performance (can be extended to a year)
  • Deliverable – a demonstration

Think Big and Solve Big Problems!!  Revolutionize the way we think of robotics.

For more information go to: