Celera Motion said the frameless motor is ideal for surgical robots, exoskeletons, AGV and AMRs.

By Robotics 24/7 Staff June 29, 2023

Celera Motion, an award-winning business unit of Novanta Inc., yesterday announced a new version of its direct drive motor platform, the Omni+TM Series.

“The Omni+ Series is a game-changing product line designed specifically for surgical robotics and other high-precision applications,” said Facundo Lay, motors and mechatronics product manager at Celera Motion. “This groundbreaking series offers an unmatched combination of raw power, exceptional smoothness, and integration flexibility, setting a new standard for excellence in the precision-motion field. With Omni+, manufacturers can attain smoother, more accurate movements with less noise and vibration, all while optimizing space and simplifying their design.” 

Designed with customers’ needs in mind, this product line offers a range of axial lengths and winding options, providing the flexibility to achieve optimal system integration effortlessly, the Bedford, Mass-based company said.

Whether in the field of surgical robotics, robot joints, automated guided vehicles and autonomous mobile robots (AGVs/AMRs), metrology, UAV satellite communications, collaborative robots, exoskeletons, or lab automation, this series is pre-engineered to meet the most extreme requirements. 

Features of Omni+ Series

Customization allows designers to meet the unique needs of each application, allowing for more tailored and effective solutions.

The Omni+ Series also offers: 

  • A low profile that allows manufacturers to design compact, lightweight robots that can fit into tighter spaces. 
  • A large aperture design that’s easy to incorporate into robot joints without sacrificing performance. 
  • Ultra-low cogging that ensures the motor operates smoothly and quietly, without any unwanted vibrations or noise. 
  • Precise and accurate movements that enable collaborative robots to work with humans more safely and effectively. 
  • Efficient power usage so applications can run longer before battery replacement or recharging. 
  • A large ID-to-OD ratio for convenient routing of cables, optics and other system elements. 

“Our commitment to innovation drives us to push boundaries and deliver cutting-edge solutions to our customers constantly,” Lay said. “The Omni+ series is a testament to our dedication to providing motor solutions that exceed expectations, enabling our customers to unlock new levels of performance and efficiency in their applications.” 

In addition to the Omni+ 130 mm model, Celera Motion offers the OMNI+ 100 mm, OMNI+ 70 mm and the OMNI+ 60 mm.