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AWS Robotics Startup Accelerator Delivered
by MassRobotics

The AWS Robotics Startup Accelerator delivered by MassRobotics began in 2022. It focuses on robotics startups that utilize cloud computing as a core component to their solutions.
The program is a four-week technical, business, and mentorship accelerator opportunity open to robotics startups from around the globe. The program provides resources to its cohorts of startups seeking to use AWS to help them solve their robotics development, deployment, and management challenges.

MassRobotics will lend its expertise in venture capital and startup scaling to help AWS drive the cohorts of robotics startups through an intensive, advanced curriculum specially designed to accelerate their growth using the AWS Robotics services and solutions.

This opportunity is geared toward robotics hardware and software startups seeking to use AWS to help solve the biggest challenges in robotics. Participation is open to privately held startups in the early stage (less than $10 million in revenue and less than $100 million raised) with robotics technology or solution areas. Startups do not need to currently be using AWS to apply. Prior participation in another accelerator program is not required.


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