We were excited to be in Washington DC yesterday to support the Congressional Robotics Caucus Briefing on Building toward a National Robotics Strategy.

Congressman Jim McGovern spoke about reinvigorating the Caucus, which had been dominant for the past few years, and working to raise the awareness of robots’ role in the US economy and our competitiveness. 

Susan Margulies, Assistant Director of the National Science Foundation (NSF), highlighted the numerous research projects in robotics that her organization has funded and some of the advancements that have come out of it. 

A panel led by Grace W., President of Worcester Polytechnic Institute, spoke of the future of robotics, where the federal government could assist in the adoption and deployment of this technology, and the role of regulation within the industry.

Our Executive Director, Tom Ryden, closed the session by emphasizing the ability of robotics to impact virtually any industry and encouraging participants to experience the different robots that were in the room. Our resident startups, GreenSightUbiros Inc.Cleo Robotics, and Haply Robotics provided their demos as well showcasing innovations and applications of their technologies.

Look for more meetings with the Caucus on topics impacting robotics in the future 🤖

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