Healthcare Robotics Startup Catalyst

Presented by MassRobotics and FESTO

MassRobotics, FESTO and other key players in the space are initiating a Startup Catalyst program to advance healthcare robotics companies by providing the connections, guidance, resources they need to grow and succeed. The aim is to connect healthcare robotics startups with customers, investors, suppliers, marketing and overall support. 

We are looking for Healthcare Robotics Startups in the areas of: clinical care, public safety, laboratory and supply chain automation, out-of-hospital care, quality of life, and continuity of work and education, healthcare professionals training & support.

Eligible companies:

  • Healthcare+Robotics/AI/IoMT focus within our scope (excluding digital health, i.e. apps, process automation, etc..)
  • Early stage up to series A
  • Solid team (healthcare, technical, strategic)
  • Strong leadership with proven track record
  • Financial backing (from angels, CVC and/or VCs)
  • Defensible IP position

Apply here to be considered for our program

Program Benefits include:

  • Access to Festo’s and other collaborating corporates innovation centers and engineering teams
  • Introductions to Festo’s and other collaborating corporates existing customers
  • Introductions to MassRobotics Healthcare Robotics Working Group experts and network of strategic partners
  • Introductions to investors
  • Introductions to contract manufacturing firms, and suppliers
  • Loaner, free components, and access to prototyping and testing
  • Media and marketing support (publications, press release, tradeshows, etc)
  • Diverse and tailored advisory board from MassRobotics experts network

View our informational webinar recording to learn more


Categorization of robots for healthcare and infectious diseases

(i) Clinical care

  • Healthcare worker + visitor telepresence
  • Disinfecting point of care
  • Prescription/meal dispensing
  • Patients testing (swabs, blood drawing, etc.)
  • Hospital automation and logistics systems

(ii) Public safety

  • Quarantine enforcement
  • Disinfecting public spaces
  • Identification of infected people

(iii) Laboratory and supply chain automation

  • Supplies and products delivery
  • Infectious material handling
  • Manufacture or decontaminate PPE
  • Laboratory & vaccine development automation
  • Warehouse automation
  • Genetic testing

(iv) Out-of-hospital care, quality of life, and continuity of work and education

  • Medication/Essentials Delivery
  • Off-site testing
  • Testing and care in nursing homes
  • Work/school sanitization
  • Telepresence
  • Rehabilitation/therapeutic systems
  • Assistive + prosthetics technologies

(v) Healthcare professionals training & support

  • Training systems
  • Diagnostic systems
  • Intervention systems

If you are a corporate or healthcare related entity that is interested in collaborating
on this program: Contact