Mission & Vision

The MassRobotics AMR Interoperability Working Group helps improve the use and adoption of autonomous mobile robots.

The group’s mission is to develop standards that will allow organizations to deploy autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) from multiple vendors and have them work together in the same environment, better realizing the promise of warehouse and factory automation. These standards will allow different types of autonomous vehicles to share information about their location, speed, direction, health, tasking/availability and other performance characteristics with similar vehicles so they can better coexist on a warehouse or factory floor.

The AMR Interoperability Working Group is narrowly focused. It does not address safety standards of AMRs and does not duplicate the efforts of ISO under the TC 299 WG (TS 15066, 18646, etc.), the IEEE RAS (such as 1872-2015 or 1873-2015 or active work 1872.2 and P2751) or the RIA (TR 15.606 or ANSI/RIA 15.06).

If you are interested in getting updates or participating in this working group please provide the following: